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Apple Wizard: Cut Labor Costs for Orchards

The innovative Apple Wizard proves to be a real saver! Orchard owners who happen to discover the potential of the product swear that Apple Wizard will surely cut labor costs come harvest season. Unlike bulky apple picking machines, Apple Wizard is lightweight, you can carry it anywhere! What delights orchard owners more is that it can pick several apples at a time therefore cutting labor time by up to 30%. Truly a wonderful investment for orchards as well as for backyard apple growers!

Apple Wizard


Apple Wizard Has Taken UK and Europe by Storm!

Apple WizardInterestingly, Apple Wizard got UK and Europe smitten! No wonder, as this innovative product never fail to deliver its promise of easy apple picking for commercial apple farms and indeed, backyard apple growers. Just wait until harvest season comes and see how effective this farm tool can be!

Apples sure are the easiest fruit to pick, since they are big, round and mostly palm-sized. Also, they can be eaten raw or cooked. Apples are best known for its flexible nature as you can have it canned, frozen and stored for future consumption. Not only that, apples are healthy and delicious too! The only thing that stands between you and your apple is all those bending and back-breaking acts that come with picking up an apple that has fallen off the tree!

Dwarf apple trees are the most popular trend nowadays for apple orchards. It is because these trees allow easy picking for both young and old, tall and short people. No more climbing up a ladder and risk falling off, all you need to do is put your hands up in the air and find an apple within reach. But what about those fallen ones? Do you still have to bend to gather them all or skip the annoying task altogether and let those apples rot on the ground? Fortunately, we have the Apple Wizard now to do the task!

The Apple Wizard promises to not let your apple trees’ fruit go to waste. Using the Apple Wizard, you can now pick up several apples off the ground with just one roll. No need to pick them up one by one until your back breaks, just let the Apple Wizard do all the work for you!


Fruit Picking: Everybody's Favorite Pastime!

Apple PickingFruit picking or fruit harvesting has indeed become everybody’s favorite pastime. Whether it’s a paid activity or for recreational purposes, fruit picking was found to be an enjoyable — even therapeutic — activity to engage in. Fruit harvesting can be done seasonally, in farms, garden centres and even in the wild. Fruit growing communities usually open their doors during harvest season for visitors who would like to experience first-hand the joy of fruit picking at its finest!

Perhaps the most well-loved variety of fruit to pick is apples. Apple orchards are usually open to public during harvest time, when people are allowed to pick their own apples to purchase. Not only these apples are guaranteed fresh, but also the activity proves to be a social one. It is common to see groups of family and friends engaging in activities like this.

The Apple Wizard on the other hand, proves to be the perfect tool for apple picking since it prevents back injuries and maintains good posture during the said activity. Seniors who happen to enjoy apple picking very much benefit tremendously from using the Apple Wizard. The innovative product enabled them to join their families during apple picking season without having to worry about their back, hip and knees afterwards. Apple orchards swear that with the Apple Wizard assisting them, they were able to save time and energy during harvest season since the product was able to pick up several apples with just one roll! Unlike most apple picking machines, the Apple Wizard is handy and only costs a fraction of the price.


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